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TypeAditional Info
  Phylogenetic Profile    EciD    Predicition    Score : 0,829  
  Mirror Tree    EciD    Predicition    Score : 0,838  
  KEGG Pathways    Kegg    Pathway    Biosynthesis of alkaloids derived from shikimate pathway
  KEGG Pathways    Kegg    Pathway    Biosynthesis of phenylpropanoids
  KEGG Pathways    Kegg    Pathway    Biosynthesis of plant hormones
  KEGG Pathways    Kegg    Pathway    Phenylalanine tyrosine and tryptophan biosynthesis
  KEGG Pathways    Kegg    Pathway    Two-component system
  Insilico 2 Hybrid    EciD    Predicition    Score : 0,864  
  Ihop    iHOP    Text Mining    iHOP  
  Ecocyc Transcription Factors Coregulated    Ecocyc    Corregulated    LinK  
  Ecocyc Functional Associations    Ecocy    Pathway    tryptophan biosynthesis
  Coevolutionay Context    EciD    Predicition    Score : 0,519  
  AODE Score    EciD    Predicition    Score : 0,997  

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